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Emma L

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Sex: Female
Age: 29 years
Created: 6 years ago
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Domestic long-haired cat Jasper Domestic long-haired cat Jasper
well where do I start ! hes a loving placid cat with a huge personality. hes usually found sleeping on his back and dribbling!. He can be to much like a baby sometimes if you pick him up and put him in your arms he lays there and sleeps! Hes good at climbing and is very playful. He also has a strange taste for marmite and loves fish food ! You can guarantee he will wake you up at half 6 in the morning for his breakfast by sticking his whiskas up your nose. His colouring is white paws, white underbelly, huge fluffy tale, yellow eyes and very pink paws so a very cute cat :). Open in gallery |
6 years ago
2010 6 6 years ago

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