Leah H

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Domestic short-haired cat Megan Domestic short-haired cat Megan
Megan had kittens when she was only 1 due to getting out .. on the 6th os september 2012 my nan passed away and megan had got a stomach bloat and had to be put to sleep but when we whet to see her she was purring and wanted to go home but you could see in her eyes she was in soo much pain thats why some of the pictures look like this ... love her<3 rip babey ... Open in gallery |
6 years ago
1999 3 6 years ago
Domestic long-haired cat Ella Domestic long-haired cat Ella
Ella loves cuddles and belly rubs and follows me like a dog! she loved fighting with millie! she has never bit or attacked me and we have had her for over half a year... she also has a story .. when she was a kitten , we reckon 3 weeks old , i could her crying from my living room out side and my mum thought she ran millie are other cat over and it was raining so hard and we looked under my dads car and she was under there cold and bone dry , we got her and took her into the house and she fell straight asleep on our couch! we put up notices about her but no one claimed her... but when my nan died my mum said she would always come back as a cat and be on our doorstep and ella was! out of the blue just weeks after our nan and cat died , she always used to sleep on my nans bags in my nans old room and has the same markings as our cat megan had when she was a baby...<3 shes sucha special cat : ) Open in gallery |
6 years ago
2012 7 6 years ago
Domestic short-haired cat Millie Domestic short-haired cat Millie
Millie wen to cornwell with me and my family on holiday when she was 4months old , she comes when you shout millie moos in the garden and she will make this funny noise and come charging in , she loves to wind up my cat Ella , she like her big sister and loved to annoy are old cat Megan<3 but when we burried megan , millie went and sat right next to he grave , she never used to sit there .. so heart warming<3 i have a great bond with her and my family call her my cat and she sleeps in my room all the time<3 Open in gallery |
6 years ago
2011 6 6 years ago

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