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Date: 2013-4-29

Maine Coon libby 2008


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Kate D
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Maine Coon libby

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typical tortie,hot headed loopy into everything,a fabulous mommy,but now spayed very loving
plays fetch
never shown
not sure without looking at her papers lol but she is linnel toscara bred by linda dutton(my mum lol)
shes a tortie tabby and white,she is a typical tortie and is loopy,we had 4 litters of beautiful babies but think thats enough for her so shes now just a big pet,she weighs around12/13 lb which is a good size for a girl.she loves my other cats to bits and is very playful,not so keen on my little boy lol,comes to bed every night and either sleeps under covers or curled round my head,shes my cat and nobody elses lol

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  • Lucca L

    Created: Jan 2013
    Cats: 3
    6 years ago

    Welcome She is very beautiful!

  • Chuck B

    Created: Apr 2013
    6 years ago


  • Cecilia L

    Created: Mar 2013
    Topics: 11
    Replies: 4
    Cats: 1
    6 years ago

    Welcome Libby.
    She is a little sweetie. She looks like a cat, who enjoys life. Maybe a daydreamer - seems great

  • M. L.

    Created: Mar 2013
    Reply: 1
    Cats: 2
    Photo albums: 1
    6 years ago

    Welcome to beautiful Libby - She seems wonderfull.

  • Amelia D

    Created: Mar 2013
    Topics: 6
    Replies: 2
    6 years ago


  • Laura D

    Created: Mar 2013
    Topics: 6
    Replies: 9
    6 years ago

    Welcome to Libby - sweet name.

    She seams special to you

  • Malene H

    Created: Mar 2013
    Topics: 9
    Replies: 6
    6 years ago

    Welcome to your beautiful girl - she looks so sweet.

    I´m looking forward to follow her

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