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Date: 2013-3-5

Domestic short-haired cat Aslan 2012


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Domestic short-haired cat Aslan

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Playful and creative when it come to finding toys. "Speaks" a lot if something is wrong or if he just want us to pet him..
None - unless it is a trick being charming ;)
We are going to our first show in Marts 2013.
M: Baby
F: ?
Aslan is a black and beautiful "little" cat. I got him because he was the smallest of his siblings, witch made him stressed. He growled every time someone came near.. When he moved in with me, my boyfriend and his sister Kela he used the first night hiding under the bed.. The next morning he jump up the couch and after a few minutes he starts purring very carefully and fell asleep.. After that day he slowly gained trust to us and himself, and now he is charming and confident..
He have grown a lot lately and is now bigger than his sister.. He is the sweetest little kitten I have ever meet.. At night he sleep by my pillow or at my chest and if I wake up during the night he kisses and purr until I go back to sleep..

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  • Jack S

    Created: Feb 2013
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    6 years ago

    What a cutie

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