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Date: 2013-4-7

Amelia D Created: Mar 2013
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Cat litter - need your help

Hi guys

What cat litter do you use? - it is recommended?
We really want to try something new, - preferably clump and reduce the smell from stools. It may very well be able to last long.

Any ideas?

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  • Malene H Created: Mar 2013
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    7 years ago

    The cat loves a toilet of soft litter that neither dust or smells. and so does the cat owner
    There are made ??many tests about cat litter and whether the most expensive also are the best. Recently, I found a test in which the test most expensive product turn either cats or humans cheerful

    There is a great difference in how easy it is to make the tray clean after the cat's toileting, and a clean tray is essential if the cat is happy with his toilet.

  • Narla K Created: Jun 2013
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    7 years ago

    ask lianna westgate she is a cat expert

  • Cawani Created: Mar 2013
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    7 years ago

    I use crystal litter and both my cats and I are very satisfied .. It dosen´t smell and it last longer..

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