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Date: 2013-3-24

Jody Created: Mar 2013
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Vaccination of cat

Hi all

I had a talk the other day with a friend of mine about vaccination of cats. I have always been told that my cat needs to get the vaccine once a year, but my friend thinks that once every second year would do.

My cat is an indoor cat, and she only get out when it is summer, and only in a line. Therefore she is not that exposed to viruses and so outside. She is not used for breeding or shows of any kind, so what do you think?

Of course the cat have to have the vaccine if it is necessary, but if it is not that important for her, I would rather spare her for the “pain”, and spare my economy a little. There is no doubt that I want the best for my cat, but everything in moderation.

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  • Eva K Created: Mar 2013
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    7 years ago

    My recommendation (based on a lot of reading on the subject) is that a cat gets two basic vaccinations as a kitten. Then one when the cat's 1 year. And then every 3-4 years.
    BUT the important part is to take the cat to the veterinary every year still! Cats are amazing at hidding illness, so at least one yearly check-up is highly recommended

    So don't save the money on the yearly visit, as you might spare your cat a lot of pain

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