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Date: 2013-3-11

Laura D Created: Mar 2013
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sterilization or birth control pills for cats

The cat can be sterilized as early as two months of age, without the risk of its health, but most veterinarians recommend waiting until the cat is grown, that is when the cat is about six months.

What are the benefits of sterilization?

The benefits of sterilization include the following:
• The cat is permanently sterile (it can not be a mother to any kittens).
• The cat is no longer in the rutting (maturity).
• Sterilization reduces the risk of breast cancer if the cat is sterilized early.
• It eliminates the risk of uterine inflammation and cancer cat's internal reproductive organs.

What are the disadvantages of sterilization?

The disadvantages of letting your cat sterilized:
• The biggest disadvantage is probably that the cat has a tendency to gain weight after being sterilized. A sterilized cat should therefore get plenty of exercise and restricted feeding regimes (a sterilized cat can often settle for ¾ of the feed the former was awarded).
• There will always be a risk of an operation. The risk that the cat does not wake up after anesthesia is minimal when the cat is young and healthy.

What are the benefits of contraceptive pills?

The benefits of Birth control pills is that the cat is free for an operation, and that the economic costs will be spread out.

What are the disadvantages of the pill?

There are some disadvantages of the pill. Among these are:
• Increased appetite and possibly obesity.
• Increased risk of pyometra.
• Increased risk of diabetes.
• Increased risk of breast cancer.
• The pill is not a safe contraceptive. First, an owner forget to give your cat a pill (to be given once a week on a fixed day of the week), and secondly there is a risk that the cat throw the pill up again. If the cat outside, it's hard to keep up with the cat throwing up a fur ball.
• If the cat pregnant despite Contraceptive pills, there is a high risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as birth defects in kittens when the cat has got the pill during pregnancy.

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  • Eva K Created: Mar 2013
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    7 years ago

    The pill is not a safe contraceptive. <- added to that, then if a male "forces" a mating on a female (rare for free roaming, more common if the cats live together) that's not in heat due to the pill, she can still become pregnant. More than one breeder's tried that one

  • David M Created: Nov 2013
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    6 years ago

    i use birth control 10 year ago they work great . but u can t get now

  • Brenda I Created: Jan 2014
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    6 years ago

    i'm looking for birth control for stray cats there are about 15 of them and to trap n get appointments are hard to get. so i need infromation on any help to get medication for them. thanks

  • Leon L Created: Apr 2014
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    6 years ago

    Get out of the States, go anywhere in the world. Get the pills from pet shops. Hide it, bring it in, give it to the cats. Everyone is happy but the stupid assholes and bitches who are in charge of medications in the U.S.

  • Kathi K Created: Jun 2016
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    4 years ago

    Does anyone know how to get an RX for 'Feralstat' like pill for outdoor cats? Has anyone out there used it?? What problems did you run into?
    Please email me directly:

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